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Welcome to my Homepage. I am very happy that you have found me in this huge “World Wide Web”. In this page I write about things that are important to me, introduce my work and my interests. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher and do professional Psychic Readings with Tarot and other cards.

It is not so important to me to be thorough in a subject, but to shed a different light on certain subjects the way they have worked out for me. Maybe someone will discover a new interest this way. This is how it also happened to me. I am continually working on it, so you might want to have a look regularly, especially since I do have “special discount actions” at various times with my readings. And needless to say, the subjects are so very widespread, that it will probably never be “complete”.

About Me

I consider myself to be a very down to earth person, have a big red Garfield cat who likes to discuss his food with me and generally thinks he is a man (and owns me), and a husband who luckily is very understanding with the many different crazy ideas and things I do. You can find pictures of both in  facebook.

Other than that I am an absolute morning person getting up around 5 o’clock  every morning and not only because by darling cat seems to think that that is breakfast time and does everything in his power to get me up. But it also means that I am going to bed earlier that normal people. Around 9 the latest, mostly around 8 still watching TV a bit or reading a book.

visit2b1As mentioned before I am a Reiki Master and Teacher since about 10 years ago and do readings with all kind of different cards. It developed from a strong interest to an obsession into a profession about 6 years ago. Since then I help people with their problems in all different kind of areas and feel that everything I learned and came across until then have prepared me for this profession and it gives me the feeling of “this is what I am supposed to do”. My earthbound energy helps me to translate energetical help into the here and now so to speak.

My life is packed with exciting and different experiences, I have lived in Japan for 5 years, helped to raise my husbands 2 children, have an 89 year old mother to take care of  (she thinks the still is 65 or younger), and made my own business 6 years ago. My biography would definetly have 5 continuations or more. (how can someone squeeze their life into 300 pages?) J

I love languages and people all over the world (and cats of course). Living in Japan has started my interest in Asian philosophy and I love Traditional Chinese Medicine with their approach to look at the whole person, his life, his work, his friends, how they sleep, what they eat. Reiki coming from Japan was a logical consequence for me, it also works that way.

Please write or call if you want to know more, I should save the rest for my biography.


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